Clare Millar

The secrets of submitting and publishing – for young and emerging writers


After a few conversations recently between myself and other writers and editors, I’ve come to realise that there is some information missing for young writers. I’m not talking about writing advice like ‘write everyday’ or ‘start with a free writing exercise’. No, what I’m thinking about is more along the lines of how to submit, and what to expect from the publishing process. I am a young and emerging writer myself, but I’ve had a few pieces published, and have experience in editing at publishing houses and literary magazines. With experience on both sides, I think I can present what you need to know.

So you’ve written something you want to publish. But you don’t know what comes next, or maybe you don’t feel confident about it. Here’s my (long!) list of things to think about as you take those next steps.

The submitting process


The editing process



Other general things




Well that was a long list! All of this has come out of my experience as both a writer and an editor. Some things on the list may not be relevant to everyone, or may differ across publishers, but are typically standard across publications. I hope this is helpful to explaining some of the mysteries of the publishing process. Good luck!